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Medical Melodies and Surgical Songs

This is my first album with lyrics in English! 13 songs about life and death in the hospital. Most likely, this album will be nominated for an EMMA (European Medical Music Award). The competition is not that great. Songs: 1. Never Google Your Symptoms 2. Text Message From The ER 3. How Do You Make A Baby? 4. A Statistically Significant Love Song 5. The Ballad Of The Superstar Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini 6. It’s Always Good To Have A Stethoscope 7. I Want To Die 8. A Lovely Note 9. Bruce The Blood Donor And Bella The Vampire 10. There Is A Fracture 11. The Song Of Romeo The Internist And Juliet The Surgeon 12. I Can Never See A Doctor 13. How Do You Make A Baby? (ft XL Big Band) A perfect gift to doctors, nurses and potential patients! The price includes shipping.