X-Ray to Hell is released!

In 1979, AC/DC released Highway to Hell. Today, 42 years later, I release X-Ray to Hell

But this album is not a solo project. It would not have existed without Markus Nilsson, Tobias Ekqvist, Anna Holmqvist, Simon Mårtensson, Filip Runesson, Lukas Elgmo, Oscar Johansson, Anders Gustafsson, Göran Abelli, Mattias Carlson, Cecilia Salazar, Mats Nilsson, Jerry Sahlin, Christian Godden, David Fremberg, Maria Jörgel Andersson, Polly and Robert Quinn. Thank you for all your input! You are brilliant and good looking!

Go to Spotify and log in, turn on, drop out!

(Or listen for free on my site or Bandcamp)



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